Passion and dedication fuel Scientology expansion as spectacular new Ideal Church rises as a beacon of freedom on the Mexico City skyline.
The nighttime ceremony in Del Valle adds an elegant air to the Grand Opening celebration. The opening is the latest milestone event in the Scientology religion’s season of expansion.
A joyous audience joins Mr. Miscavige in the heart of the vibrant enclave of Del Valle to dedicate Latin America’s first high-rise Church of Scientology.
Presiding over the historic ceremony, Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center, welcomes the massive crowd on hand in recognition of Del Valle’s new Church of Scientology.
Mr. Miscavige lets a ribbon fly, officially dedicating the Ideal Church of Scientology Del Valle. He is joined by Scientology parishioners whose dedication helped make the dream of this spiritual beacon a reality.
The night lights up and celebratory confetti fills the air as the ribbon falls on the new Church of Scientology Del Valle.
Del Valle’s new Church of Scientology glitters as a ribbon falls, signaling the start of a new era of expansion in Latin America.
An enthusiastic roar echoes in Del Valle as thousands celebrate Latin America’s newest Ideal Scientology Church.
The Grand Opening begins with a musical performance celebrating passion and flair befitting the festive dedication of Del Valle’s new Church of Scientology.
“Remember, the very essence and life force of an Ideal Org is, as our Founder envisioned, ‘An activity where people came to achieve freedom and where they had confidence they would attain it.’ That is what we celebrate today. It is the gift you are extending. And the vision made true by you, the heroes of this movement, in creating this Ideal Org. You want to see history in the making in this Latin American megacity? Well, the moment is upon us—right here and right now.” —Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center
“To realize the Mexico we want, the truth inside The Way to Happiness must be passed on, person to person, until it stretches from Baja to the Yucatán. I’ve delivered them into juvenile prisons. And, just as I personally experienced, I witnessed others have their own recognition of the truth. A truth as certain as the ground beneath one’s feet. At which point, it was undeniable: L. Ron Hubbard has written a universal language. And we owe it to humanity to tell people of every background, every faith, everywhere, ‘You can discover your own way to happiness!’”
—Mr. Cristian Badillo, Director of the National Consciousness for Religious Freedom Foundation
“We share the belief that human rights are not only a right, but a duty from one person to another. That’s why we have taught both the victims and those who violate them. We even hosted a national youth day celebration with over 7,000 in attendance. Working together, we arranged 9,000 Human Rights booklets on the ground to spell out ‘Know Your Human Rights’ and thus creating the longest such sentence in history. In so doing, we not only demonstrated our collective dedication, we set a Guinness World Record! And so, united we will soon set another world record as the largest movement on Earth.”
—The Honorable Luis Zamora Romero, Congressman from the State of Nayarit
“The pursuit of justice is what drove my most important challenge—and thus my partnership with the Church of Scientology and CCHR [Citizens Commission on Human Rights]. It was when a new law declared, ‘A doctor could lock an individual up and decide they could no longer determine the future of their own health, their money, their education.’ Because, in the eyes of the law, they are just a zero. If I didn’t fight this, I wasn’t a victim, I was an accomplice. With you, we went straight to the National Parliament. We presented our cases and gave Mexico’s leaders the facts. And with the future of thousands—even millions in the balance—we won, and that totalitarian law was canceled!”
—Mr. Fabián Aranda García, Advisor to Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission
“It’s time to no longer make any distinctions between any creeds. We may all have different ideologies, but we must all fight as one. And by your every action you have demonstrated an authentic religious unity, and you have actually brought religions together. This is my dream come true. And this is your Founder’s dream come true. What’s more, you have planted a symbol of that unity in this soil—and it is an awe-inspiring wonder before our eyes. As we celebrate this glorious new Church of Scientology, let’s now dream of a better Mexico City and a brighter Mexico. And in honor of Mr. Hubbard, let’s make it a reality—together!”
—Father Manuel Corral, Executive Secretary of Institutional Relations of the Catholic Church in Mexico
Mr. David Miscavige with (left to right): Congressman from the State of Nayarit, the Honorable Luis Zamora Romero; the Executive Secretary of Institutional Relations of the Catholic Church in Mexico, Father Manuel Corral; Director of the National Consciousness for Religious Freedom Foundation, Mr. Cristian Badillo; and Advisor to Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission, Mr. Fabián Aranda García.
Thousands flood inside to tour their new Church of Scientology Del Valle.
Attendees get a first look at the stunning new Church of Scientology Del Valle.
Throughout the evening, Grand Opening guests explore the entirety of the 12-story Del Valle Church.
“An unforgettable evening” best describes the night as guests experience Mexico City’s Scientology skyscraper.
Visitors take in a view of the stars from the Church’s rooftop Café, enjoying an expansive view of the borough of Benito Juarez.
The new Church of Scientology Del Valle stands just off Avenue Universidad in the center of Colonia del Valle, one of Mexico City’s oldest and most vibrant neighborhoods. The Grand Opening launches a new era of spiritual freedom and humanitarian solutions this Ideal Org now delivers to the people of Mexico City.
Open seven days a week, morning to night, the Church of Scientology Del Valle Reception welcomes anyone wishing to obtain an introduction to Dianetics and Scientology.
The Public Information Center offers more than 500 films, providing a complete introduction to every aspect of Dianetics and Scientology. It includes the beliefs and practices of the religion, a biographical presentation on the life and legacy of Founder L. Ron Hubbard, as well as the many humanitarian initiatives and community outreach programs the Church supports.
The Church of Scientology Del Valle provides for the delivery of all introductory services. These include an entire array of Scientology Life Improvement Courses to help better any aspect of one’s life.
Among the many services available are evening and weekend Dianetics and Scientology seminars imparting an overview of fundamental principles and their application in life.
The Bookstore makes available L. Ron Hubbard’s works on Dianetics and Scientology. In all, Mr. Hubbard’s legacy comprises tens of millions of published words in dozens of books and thousands of recorded lectures. Materials are available in 50 languages.
Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard developed the Purification Program to free individuals from the mental and spiritual damage caused by drugs and toxins through a regimen of exercise, sauna and nutrition—all of which are provided for in the Purification Center. The mural pays tribute to the vibrant heritage of Colonia del Valle and the nation of Mexico.
The Hubbard Guidance Center is where Scientologists receive one-on-one spiritual counseling, known as auditing. Just beyond the waiting room is an entire floor of auditing rooms.
Each of Del Valle’s auditing rooms is ideally appointed to provide the calm, distraction-free setting requisite to achieving spiritual enlightenment.
The Academy is where Scientologists train to become auditors (spiritual counselors), capable of applying the technology of auditing to help others attain spiritual freedom. The Del Valle Academy comprises multiple course rooms, each devoted to a different aspect of training.
The Café welcomes visitors touring the Church and provides a gathering place for those attending the many scheduled events. It is further provided for parishioners during breaks in their Scientology services.
Offering expansive views of Del Valle, the Café’s rooftop terrace is the perfect setting for a relaxing meal or snack at any time of day.
The Chapel, lined with the Codes and Creed of the Church of Scientology, provides for all congregational ceremonies and services—including Sunday Services, Weddings and Naming Ceremonies. The Chapel also serves as an ideal venue for workshops, banquets and events in the name of community collaboration for the betterment of Mexico City.
As is tradition in all Churches of Scientology, the Office of L. Ron Hubbard stands in honor of the religion’s Founder and symbolizes that this Church is true to his writings and ideals.