People who know David Miscavige

[David Miscavige] has a heart of a lion. He has a lot of pride and responsibility for everything that he does. And he does not mince words, he doesn’t waste time, he gets it done. Ray, Photographer
Mr. Miscavige puts in order wherever he is. He puts in order in every sector of the Church of Scientology.… He’s an extraordinary leader and I’m very fortunate to have him as my leader. Mike Napier
He likes to see things done properly. Anytime you see his involvement in anything, it’s always at the highest professional level that you could imagine. Peter Hodkin
[David Miscavige] thinks about other people. He makes you feel that you’re special.… And to me that’s really the sign of greatness. Kelly Yaegermann
David Miscavige fought so many battles to protect our right to a religion, which is everyone’s right. Kannon Feshbach
This man is completely, utterly dedicated to our religion, to what L. Ron Hubbard set out for us to do. Craig Jensen
Mr. Miscavige’s leadership is very transparent.… He’s very active in the rollout and how we impact Mankind and how the religion of Scientology works with all the other religious leaders to get the job done. Emmett Osborn
He is what we call in Australia a dead-set regular guy. He’s got a sense of humor that is hilarious. He had me in stitches of laughter … quite an amazing—a very cool guy. Tony Twomey
He’s the leader of our group and he has so many people that are asking so many things of him and he took the time out to make sure that I was okay. Fu Mei Mathers