With the Shrine Auditorium packed to capacity, Scientologists closed the book on an unprecedented year, launching into a future of limitless horizons in 2024!
The Grandeur of the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles sets the stage as a capacity crowd of more than 6,500 Scientologists and guests gathers for the Church of Scientology’s spectacular New Year’s Celebration.
With anticipation already sky-high, the audience goes stratospheric as Mr. David Miscavige, ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, takes the stage.
The thunderous ovation for Mr. Miscavige reverberates through the grand hall, infusing the night with a surge of excitement and profound significance.
Mr. Miscavige kicks off the event, closing the book on an unprecedented year and launching into a future of limitless horizons in 2024.
At the dawn of 2024, Mr. Miscavige propels the audience into the New Year’s Celebration, highlighting the Church’s boundless expansion in true Scientology style.
“We aren’t just toasting a year gone by. Rather, we are going to ignite solid rocket fuel and blow the roof right off this auditorium as we lift off into New Year’s 2024!”
—Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center
Mr. Miscavige begins an enthralling two-and-a-half-hour presentation all about accomplishment—presenting vivid stories of the Church’s explosive growth through the last year.
Mr. Miscavige presents a whirlwind review of achievements reflecting Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s Technology in application—including representative examples of the strides made by the global programs for social betterment, group prosperity and spiritual advancement.
“Let us begin with an LRH overview that speaks of planetary salvage, in totality,” starts Mr. Miscavige. Hence, the first stop on this planetwide tour is the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE), the group bringing to bear programs to counteract drug abuse, illiteracy, immorality and criminality.
In Italy, a nation with one of the worst addiction rates in Europe, an expanding network of Narconon centers salvages another life with LRH Drug Rehabilitation Technology every single day.
In the Netherlands, a group of Applied Scholastics educators created tutoring centers that employ L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology to overcome declining literacy. After just 60 hours of tutoring, almost 90 percent of “hopeless” pupils tested above the national average.
The Church of Scientology Portland set out to quell rampant rioting during the height of the pandemic by mailing nearly 44,000 copies of The Way to Happiness into riot hot spots. At which point, call it magic or call it coincidence, the rioting stopped cold. Church teams and community groups further collaborated for hand-to-hand distribution citywide—whereafter crime plunged below pre-pandemic levels.
The evening powers on as Mr. Miscavige captures the profound impact of what it means when members of the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) employ L. Ron Hubbard’s Administrative Technology (Admin Tech) for group survival and prosperity.
From Australia comes the account of larger-than-life twin brothers who are third-generation owners of their family home construction business. Since joining WISE in 2019, they have used LRH Admin Tech to expand the business from 4 cities to 13 towns and cities today and constructed nearly 1,000 homes.
In Hungary, with foreign multinationals driving beloved domestic household brands out of the market, an entrepreneur and WISE member determined to boost the economy through Hungarian-made products. Acquiring a nearly bankrupt household and personal care product manufacturer, he revived the company with Administrative Technology, expanding it 350 times over.
In South America, the Hubbard College of Administration (HCA) Ecuador bolstered national industry by bringing LRH Administrative Technology to 5,000 organizations—representing a full six percent of the country’s economic base of small and medium-sized businesses.
Mr. Miscavige next focuses on the worldwide movement of Scientology Field Groups and Missions—the International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors (I HELP) and Scientology Missions International (SMI).
The night’s story from the world of I HELP centers on a father and daughter duo in Taichung, Taiwan, who established the Superior Knowledge Group. In a land where ancient wisdom has given way to material success, the Group is dedicated to providing practical knowledge so necessary to true happiness and prosperity.
In the Czech Republic, a burgeoning community of Scientologists are working toward the goal of establishing a full-fledged Ideal Organization. To that end, an I HELP member created a new Scientology Mission in the city of Plzeň, which then embarked upon delivery of introductory services nationwide—altogether giving rise to 22 new I HELP Groups and 4 new Scientology Missions.
In Modena, Italy, when the pandemic triggered national shutdowns, a dedicated Scientologist determined to seize the moment to create a new Ideal Mission—planning and renovating quarters for all Mission services. No sooner did restrictions end than a ribbon was falling at her Grand Opening.
“That brings us to our New Year’s Awards Celebration and what historically marks our salute to a worldwide league of Power Field Staff Members,” announces Mr. Miscavige.
A​​​​​ record number of Field Staff Members from around the world step onstage, each recognized for having welcomed at least 100 individuals onto and up the Bridge to Total Freedom in a single year.
Capping the awards for Field Staff Members are an unprecedented six Elite FSMs, who each helped 1,000 or more onto and up the Bridge in just the last year.
“We come to the culminating chapter of this New Year’s review and the crucial nexus between yesterday’s history and tomorrow’s destiny,” declares Mr. Miscavige.
The audience rises in a thunderous ovation upon the news of the executive teams imminently graduating from the training program and returning to their organizations.
Mr. Miscavige next presents high-powered, heart-pounding videos announcing new Ideal Churches of Scientology opening in early 2024.
In Austin, Texas, a 52,000-square-foot future Ideal Church stands directly adjacent to the University of Texas and right on the city’s main social corridor, famously known as The Drag.
Austin Ideal Org’s team of fully trained Executives stands proud after the announcement of their upcoming Grand Opening.
“If that’s an Ideal Org for Texas, a state dubbed a ‘country’ owing to its size, then we next arrive at a city so colossal, it might well be a country,” says Mr. Miscavige, introducing the next upcoming new Ideal Church in Mexico City.
Rising 12 stories above one of Mexico City’s most culturally vibrant areas, the future Church of Scientology Del Valle stands as a beacon of spiritual freedom. Its 80-foot-tall sign extends a welcome for miles in every direction.
Following the Grand Opening announcement of the Church of Scientology Del Valle comes the introduction of their fully trained executive team.
“All of which takes us to our final destination this evening and a majestic city where the skyline kisses the clouds,” announces Mr. Miscavige. After which, the lights dim and the hip-hop beat of the final Ideal Org video—Chicago—shakes the Shrine.
Chicago’s forthcoming new Ideal Church of Scientology occupies a century-old architectural masterpiece in the city’s famed Loop. The landmark Artcraft Building is part of historic Printer’s Row. After acquiring the property, the Church undertook a 26,000-man-hour, top-to-bottom restoration.
The Windy City’s trained executive team stands at the cusp of helming their upcoming Chicago Ideal Org.
Culminating an epic night, Mr. Miscavige delivers his final message before the turn of the calendar year.
“Let every wristwatch in this house start ticking again. Because, we’re all now on the clock for that countdown to liftoff and a year for all the ages to come!”
—Mr. David Miscavige,
Chairman of the Board
Religious Technology Center
Capping a truly unforgettable New Year’s Celebration, the Shrine erupts in a spectacle of light, confetti and jubilant song—a living metaphor for the start of a triumphant and boundless 2024!
The celebration continues with Scientologists gathering after the event at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles to kick off the new year together.
“This was a totally exhilarating and jaw-dropping New Year’s Celebration. We are such a powerful global movement.”
“What a gift to be a Scientologist. We are changing the world!”
“What a thrill! What a night.
I am motivated in so many ways.”
“Awesomely profound! Chairman of the Board is so inspirational.”
“I never expected this. The announcements were fantastic—inspiring!”
“We are going full-throttle and I’m going to move up the Bridge!”
“2024 is going to be the best year in our history!”