[David Miscavige] is such an example. He is such an amazing force that has created such an expansion, truly. Mathilde Jansson

Video Transcript:

The expansion of Scientology and Mr. Miscavige is––they go together. I’ve been a staff member working for the Church for over 20 years and his leadership has taken it to where it is. I’ve seen it for many years. In Clearwater, Florida, saw him bringing about that expansion.

All the work he has done to see that that occur, it is they just go together. He’s an example that L. Ron Hubbard will be outstandingly proud of.

A few years back, Chairman of the Board ensured that all the Executive Directors around the world came to Clearwater, Florida, because of the big things that were happening at the time and in terms of the expansion. And he personally made sure that every single one of these EDs were taken care for personally. He saw personally to every detail, which with everything going on at the time, it’s quite stunning because you’re talking about the expansion internationally. However, that one visit of those EDs coming to Clearwater and him making sure from the beginning of their arrival through the entire time all the way to the end––every single part of their stay was taken care of. He personally briefed them several times, took the time to see every single one of them together, separately. It’s, it was outstanding! We’re talking about dozens and dozens of people, with everything going on at the time, which was international. However, he oversaw everything. Outstanding care, like I never experienced before.

There was one time where I made a big mistake and it caused a big problem. And then I had a chance to meet Mr. Miscavige right at that time. And even though he knew there was a big problem, what he did was making sure that I got the right technology so that wouldn’t happen to me—I knew what to do in that situation—and made me more responsible about being a staff member, an executive of the Church that will do my job properly. And instantly, within 24 hours, that was taken care of and ever since, that never, ever happened. And totally changed my life actually, because I got to experience something that, you know, you can do something wrong and then turn it around within no time. But it was because of him.

You wouldn’t want to work for anybody else. You wouldn’t. He is such an example. He is such an amazing force that has created such an expansion, truly. You can see it everywhere across the world in every continent. And he is taking that leadership and expansion. He is the one leading it, leading all of us into it.