He’s taking L. Ron Hubbard’s intention and actually making that a reality to an exponential level. Tom Willis

Video Transcript:

I’ve been with CST since 1988. CST has been working on preservation actions for many years, but as of even recently, Mr. Miscavige has directed us back to a lot of the earlier advices from L. Ron Hubbard on strategic things that need to be completed by CST to ensure the preservation of the religion. And he’s been just directing us to those advices, following them to the letter so that we get that right.

He’s made myself and the—my associates, you know, better and better staff members just by virtue of the fact of the standards that he upholds. And, for example, when we were doing the project to put in the Archive lines, we were doing space planning, things that I’d never done before. Never done space planning and design, that type of thing. And the one thing that he would always reiterate would be to go to the professionals. Like, what do your technicians say? What do your professionals say? And then we would go and get with professionals and find out what is the professional way to do it? What is the way that we can get the highest quality to achieve what we’re trying to achieve, which in many times is way above any kind of industry standard.

But that was always the driving—he never would—there would never be any of his, you know, coming in and telling us do A, B, C. You know, it wasn’t that, it was always, you know, what do the professionals say? And you can see that across the Church in every organization, it’s the same thing, it’s always for Scientology, what is the best possible in order to get L. Ron Hubbard’s message across?

And if you look at the facility that he directed us in designing and putting it there, it’s a state-of-the-art facility. There’s no, there’s no facility like that on Earth. And each aspect is done to that professional level standard. The same way that he, you know, put in the original sound lines and you know, it’s all done to that same standard.

Mr. Miscavige is hands down far and above any other leader in that respect, because the fact that he not only demands the highest level of quality, the perfection, but the other thing about it is that those that work for him, like, and I could speak for myself obviously, that are all pushing the bar up, raising the bar on what they can do. I have raised the bar on what I can do and what I can tackle and over the last, you know … just in the last few years of working on projects, specifically, I’ve exponentially grown in my own ability. And that’s directly a result from Mr. Miscavige and his raising the bar and knowing what I am capable of doing and pushing me to that.

The direction that we get from him is always in alignment with what L. Ron Hubbard wanted for, not only the Church of Spiritual Technology, but Scientology in general. And he’s taking L. Ron Hubbard’s intention and actually making that a reality to an exponential level where I think without question if Mr. Hubbard would come back and see what is being done today, he’d be very proud.